UXSORT is a card sorting tool that allows user experience professionals or marketing managers to plan card sorting activities, manage participants and cards, collect card sorting data, analyze data, and create a report.

Card sorting is a technique often used to determine collective categorization from different opinions of different people. It is widely used in user experience and marketing research to influence the definition of information architecture for computer program UI designs, terminology definition, market segementation, and many other applications.

The statistics method used in this program is cluster analysis. Thinking about cards as people in a family tree. When cards are sorted in a group like siblings, their mutiual distances are calculated as the shortest. Their distances to other cards in other groups are relatively longer. Siblings in the deepest family tree have the shortest mutual distances. Mutual distances become relatively longer for siblings when moving up the family tree (e.g., your grandma's siblings) , as these siblings have chilren - forming their own family.